Tomasz Skinder - Chief mechanic

Nationality: Polish

Nickname: Skitom

Date of birth: 29 January 1975

City and coutry of birth: Warsaw, Poland

Residence: Warsaw
In the team: 3 rok

Marital status: maried

Childrens: two daughters

Interest, hobby: motorsport, fishing

Experience: Since 1998 started in Polish Rallycross chamionship. Later made his debut in Polish Racing Championship. By 2006 had won 9 champion titles. For all this time he was preparing his cars.
In 2007 merged passion with the work and was successfully prepared cars which have won many titles. In 2008 was preparing cars for KIA LOTOS CUP, Reanult Clio and Oleksowicz's Subaru Impreza. Since 2009 works for Maciej Oleksowicz team.
Successes: 9 racing champion titles

Favourite kitchen: Italian



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